Blog is back!

Alot has happened since my last post so I will try to sum it up. The stuff I leave out will be sprinked throughout future postings.

I am no longer the Director of Information Technology at CI Travel. I reluctantly gave my 1 month notice in hopes of making a family dream come true. Chris and I have always had dreams that one day we would own a business. It looks like his hard work and dedication has finally afforded him the possibilty to make that dream come true. It is called cdyne Corporation. He has been working to make it succeed for nearly 10 years now. HE DID IT! He asked me to come join the team full time now instead of doing stuff i did for CDYNE with my spare time. I am very excited to be in the position make a ‘sure business model’ even better. (PR and Graphics Guy and developer of logo, all websites till this point and all verbiage)

Anyways enough about me… I will eventually post some photos of SABA all grown up and other occurences since my last post like our new hardwood floor downstairs(dupont laminate)

I am happy that I have my blog back! I am sure I will read this in years to come.. and so oh yeah.. I remember that! ;)