Easy Flash Menu

First put an empty movie clip in place of what you wanted to show up


on button to make show up:

on (rollOver) {


on button surrounding the show up:

on (rollOver) {





REMEMBER: name your empty movieclip properly and export ‘showup’ for actionscript

Flash Transparancies (showing flash on top of a page)

This is a pain in peoples butts most of the time but can be a nice effect if you do it properly.


Code for 1st page that will redirect to another page if IE6 or above is detected. (trasparent flash files in all other browers have glitches)

Extra PARAM tag to add to the flash file when you embed it in the page it redirect to from above.

Windows XP Service Pack 2 Workaround

This service pack includes some security updates that are quite irratating, when ever there is javascript or any active content like flash files on a page, a novice user is always 2 clicks away from seeing after being warned. (these setting can be controlled in Internet Options)

Below is a nice comment that will allow your page to display without any problems from this security feature.

Just add anywhere in your page.

source: macromedia

100% sized flash movie without scaling

Scaling a flash movie can be useful to fit any screens resoultion, however when you have any rasterized images, they will scale as well, which can bring some nasty quality into the picture.

Below is a method slimstudio uses, notice how the standard method scales here 

Also notice that there is no “Content-Type” tag in the top of the html, even though it makes your site compliant in many respects, it automatically top aligns anything in Internet Explorer (So if you want something centered vertically in your html to show up right on any resolution in Internet Explorer, you will have to remove this tag or not add it)

Flash Photo Gallery

Here is the source for the photo galleries used in my blog. Original source can be found at www.kirupa.com This actionscript and anything here is free to use < EXAMPLE HERE >

This method is cool because I can edit 1 flash file to change the look of all my photo galleries throughout the site, it is also cool because I dont have to touch the flash file when I add new photo galleries, I simply add 1 new xml file in a new numbered folder. The flash file is able to find this file by passing a variable at the end of embed and of object location (photo_gallery.swf?galleryLoc=%2Fphotos%2F#%2F1%2Exml) dots slashes and underscores have to be converted to hex

You may edit the flash file included (Flash MX and above) to change flash and standard images sizes or to change the look of it.

You have to edit the xml file to include the # of images, location, and captions.

The standard image size for these galleries is 446×335 pixels, so making a photoshop droplet that automatically resizes all your images to fit perfectly is the way to go, plus you can command it to save to files in sequence.. 1,2,3,4.jpg  etc (droplet not required but is helpful)

To make this work with the files I provided, you will need to set your files up like below.

1.xml is used by the flash file to know how many and where the images are located . The xml file also has the ability to add descriptions or captions to each photo.(so when you add a new folder always include 1.xml so the flash file know where the images are)

Below is the HTML used to embed the flash.. the main thing you have to remember to include is the gallery_Loc variable (change the # sign in two places below to 1 if you want it to look in folder 1 for the xml file)

Sized pop-up window actionscipt and java

This also works with the new service pack 2 for windows xp.


Actionscript code for Flash Button

HTML inside head tag