Adobe Edge – HTML 5 WYSIWYG

When I first previewed Adobe Edge I thought it was going to be the new Dreamweaver but  It turns out that it is a future replacement for flash.  Even though flash and silverlight are widely adopted, HTML5 is compatible with ALL modern browsers. The only issue is slightly older browsers wont display HTML.

Currently HTML5 is not easy for a regular designer to program or make interseting effects with. Adobe Edge will make all the required javascript files for you so you can focus on how you want it to work and look. They adobted a Flash interface type atmosphere so it is easy for us Flash enthusiasts but with subtle difference that are seen in the silverlight world.

It looks like they currently spit out jquery type javascript files for the final web ready product. It looks pretty heavy if you want to do something simple but soon enough all websites will require most of these js files so web devlopers better hop on the HTML5 train quick to stay competitive.

One other attractive feature HTML 5 has going for it is that it is more SEO friendly meaning that work done in flash or silverlight might not get indexed by search engines as well as work you perform in a program like Adobe Edge.