Brammo Empulse Nov Update

Everyone has been waiting patiently (some pre-orders were over a year ago) for the Brammo Empulse to be released.

I recently spoke with Adrian Stewart via email and he sounded very confident that the Brammo Empulse has enough pre-orders that their major concern is more on the side of production. They want to be able to produce them fast enough if they get large orders. As he stated in his email “As a result we are not doing too much promotion right now….lead times are a delicate balance of delayed gratification which can then tip into frustration” So it sounds like they are working hard on how to streamline production.

I also recently received an email (Oct 12 2011) that cleared up the Gearbox misconceptions:

“Thank you for placing a pre-order for the Brammo Empulse motorcycle.  All Empulse pre-orders are processed in the order in which they are received.  Once your pre-order is within 90 days of manufacture, a Brammo dealer will contact you to request a non-refundable deposit of $1000. Empulse deliveries are expected to commence during the 2012 riding season.   Exactly when will depend on your position in the pre-order queue, and your location.
After much deliberation we have decided to integrate the new six speed gearbox into the bike to give higher performance and longer range.  This decision pushed back deliveries into 2012. Obviously, that is a huge financial decision for Brammo to defer all that revenue.  However, in the final analysis we felt the responsibility to build the best bike we could.  Consequently, the Empulse is in the engineering phase.
Thank you once again for choosing Brammo and the Empulse. We truly appreciate your business and we will keep you informed of developments through our Empulse newsletter”


Overall it looks like everything is going well for Brammo, between the recent fact that Hong Kong selected Brammo to supply their Electric Police Motorcycles and Polaris believes so much in the electric future that it has invested over 20 Million in series b funding for Brammo. (Polaris must popularly known for its 4 wheelers perhaps, is also known for its Victory motorcycles)

A passenger seat and pillions to be included on the Brammo Empulse release. Supposedly Brammo ‘slipped’ on their facebook page according to plugbike. I am one of the peple pushing for the 2 seater on the brammo forums!

Yesterday, asphalt and rubber released an article conveying that the other electric motorcycle company, Zero plans to beat the Brammo Empulse availability date of sometime during the 2012 riding season. Jensen tells the public that Zero will have a 95+ mph 100+ mile range model ready to ride sometime in January and have a smaller price tag to boot.  Lets hope that it looks good, even if it is ugly we are headed in the right direction with 100% electric motorcycles.