Brammo Finally Announces Release Date for the Empulse

I received this email yesterday. It is about time!  I can’t wait to hear the specs on the new transmission. I’ll bet it has some serious power improvments over the Zero, but we will see.


Dear William xxx,

We are proud to announce that we will be revealing the production version of
the much anticipated Brammo
Empulse on May 8th, 2012. The launch event will take place in Los Angeles and
will be webcast live to all pre-order customers. Since the Empulse concept was
first revealed, a vast amount of development and testing has taken place and we
are confident that you will be delighted with the ground-breaking electric
motorcycle we are about to reveal. On April 18th we will announce full
specifications of this exciting milestone in the evolution of motorcycling,
giving you every opportunity to become familiar with the Empulse before seeing
it for the first time on May 8th.

Electric motorcycle racing is an integral part of our lives here at Brammo
and our experience and championship record on the track has played a critical
role in the evolution of the Empulse from concept to production. Professional
racers have had a hand in the development of the Empulse and they will be
sharing their Empulse riding experiences and impressions with you at the reveal
on May 8th.

Follow this link and learn more about the Empulse and its roots in
Brammo’s racing heritage

If you have questions about the Brammo Empulse simply email [email protected] for an answer.

The Brammo