Back in 1930,

My grandma put together a book from her mothers diary and photos called the ‘perpetual diary’. It has daily details of road trip to Colorado in 1930 when gas was 12 cents a gallon. These are one of a kind books, she only had 200 or so printed, so stop by and get one.

Here is Sam acting like he is thirsty lapping out of the gold fish pond.. (At my grandparents ranch in Kansas)

dog in fish pond

I love Motorcycles

Riding off-road motorcycles when i was younger has to be one of the largest repititious adrenaline rushes I have ever experienced in my life. I have recently rejuvinated that same spirit I had when I was younger by upgrading my Motorcycle. I sold my bike I have had for about a year now. (Suzuki GS500F Black bike shown below) The reason being is that it has the Sport bike look but actual Sportbikes have 80-180 Horsepower. This bike is good for traiing at 50 hp. So with roughly the same amount of money I sold my suzuki, I got the closest thing I could to a powerful japanese land missile. A British Triumph… Daytona 955i with about 120 hp it has breathed new life into me. With an off-road background I have to keep reminding myself how different street vs dirt really are. Not many second chances when you get past 50 mph.

So I won my new bike on Ebay and flew to Boston to pick it up and rode it down the coast back to Virginia. (Daytona 955i in grey below)

2003 Suzuki GSF500
2005 Suzuki GS500F

Anyways here is my new baby half way home at a wendys. Unfortuntely it was a cloudy day and pic taken with lil bitty phone camera. Fuel Injection makes a hell of a difference.
2003 Triumph Daytona 955i

2003 Triumph Daytona 955i

A Kansas Christmas

Christmas was great at Dads house. Chris Stacey and I visited for a week. (Still waiting on photos)
We visited the grandparents, Uncle Kane and Pam, and Aunt Jill and Rick.

Cody received a small LCD tv from me for Christmas and Alexis got a nice coat and some KU stuff.

Becki’s grandma Bonnie was kind enough to email me some photos of Cody’s and Alexis’s Christmas Morning.

Alexis, Becki, Cody

Cody opening presents.

Nice hat.

Visitors from Kansas

Cody, Alexis and Becki all came by plane to visit Virginia!

We rode the rudy rocket (Val a co-worker came too), we went put put golfing in the jungle , Cody, Alexis and Becki got to see the ocean and play in the sand for the first time.

Before Cody got soaked to the bone on the rocket

Cape Henry Lighthouses

Val (CDYNE) on the 2500 HP Rudy Rocket

We also went parasailing  at rudee inlet. (Cody, Alexis and myself) Yipee  Now that was cool. The view was like of a plane, you could see the entire coastal city and how it vanished into regular land, and miles of beach. It is to bad Alexis had to remove her glasses, because she couldnt see but 10 inches in front of her. She still had fun though! It is craxy how smooth the ride was! I suggest it to anyone, even if you are afraid of heights, it feels 100% safe.

Alexis ready for action

1st team getting winched out

Cody is elated to be around his sister

1st group coming back in to the boat (450 HP boat)

Cody and I went to the Virginia Beach Aquarium as well.

I had to force Cody to touch the stingrays. He did’nt appreciate that.

‘Release water from holding tanks’

Nice LIVE Shark exhibit


We all had a BLAST. Thanks for coming Cody and family!

Dad and Marcia visit us in Virginia

We went to the zoo, sung karaoke, ate at the beach (The Raven) and watched fireworks in downtown Norfolk.

Photos below.

Virginia Zoo in Norfolk (By Lion Lookout)

Me blowing a tune under the mimosa tree

Getting ready for the ferry ride to portsmouth

Chris and Stacey enjoying the ride ;)


2 Generations

My newly aquainted non english speaking friends

Another new friend

Marcia Moo

Ready for fireworks (downtown Norfolk, Virginia)

Me being a dork again..

30 Minutes of lighting up the skies

I think everyone had a great time!