Microsoft PDC 2009

We exhibited in November at Microsoft’s 2009 PDC event in Los Angeles. (Professional Developers Conference)

 VIDEO – is shaky but is a nice visual of what it was like on a slow day at Microsofts Professional Developers Conference in 2009. I did all the whistling myself, let me know if you want an autograph.

Memorable events…  Free laptops and iFlip videos from Microsoft (video here was taken with the iFlip)



Here is a looping sequence of flipping tiles or squares made with after effects that we displayed on our netbook pcs we were giving away at our booth.

Here is the CDYNE PDC 2009 crew.

Our PDC 2009 booth was extremely busy

Chris came up with this idea of flashing blinky glasses with our logo.. they were a big hit especially during drinking time PDC 2009 Exhibitor Booth PDC 2009 Exhibitor Booth


me playing with Microsoft Surface

Basic After Effects Tutorial

I figured I have done enough ‘fun’ stuff and need to get adobe after effects basics down.

The particles that come with AE cs4 are pretty impressive. My biggest obstacle right now is how to move the camera around quickly and ‘ease’ily. I am doing better. I figured out that if you attach a camera to a null object it removes the complexity if you simply move the null object around.

Video Copilot Basic Training

This may look really simple but it took me 2 hours. :

Adobe After Effects – Tutorial

Cheap After Effects Thrills. I have not had as much time as I have wanted to devote to motion graphics lately. I ran across this ae tunnel tutorial and thought I would share. The possibilities are intimidating with after effects. You really have to have the mathematical side of the brain to complete the other half. Sort of like Adobe Flash but this has sooo many more possibilities.

Exploding Will – After Effects CS4

Ok I was going to take a break away from Adobe After Effects tonight. But hey its the weekend why not play some more.

This is what I came up with after using the ‘Trapcode Particular’ effect in After Effects. You can do everything from that magical dust looking logo in my previous video post to realistic explosions. As seen here. I will tell you that mastering the settings would take more time than I am comfortable using right now.  So this does not look as realistic as I might have hoped but here I am Exploding in my foyer.  KA BOOM

1st Night Learning After Effects – Yay

Last night after yelling cuss words for 3 hours solid. I finally started to learn how the After Effects environment works. For those of you not into this stuff ill try to make it simple. Adobe photoshop is used to manipulate photos and make nice 2d images. Adobe Premiere is used to edit movies. Adobe After Effects is used to add simulated effects to 2d and 3d parts for movies. Sooo.. After Effects is like using photoshop filters but in real time and in a 3d environment.

My 1st 6 Second Experiment: Kinetic Typography

Jay Keown – brother in law wedding photos

Our 1st lamaze class was Saturday morning. It went great! (remember the baby is due Nov 8th)

We took a trip down to North Carolina ( Coralla, NC Outer Banks )

Mandy’s ( Jays wife as of today) parents rented 2 beach houses (pictures below are of the house Christy and I stayed in) It was beuatiful! I went in the hot tub, we went to the lighthouse down the street had ping pong tournaments with John, Christy’s uncle. All of the kids were at our beach house which was 6 miles from the beach house they rented for the wedding.

Christy’s grandma can be seen in photos of us at the Currituck Beach Lighthouse.

The wedding was beautiful! Everyone had a great time.

See a small snip of wedding video (sound is not great because of the wind


See wedding photos  below.

 < Cick here to see photos of the wedding


See Steve’s photos of the wedding here >

Christmas Eve Party at Chris and Stacey’s

We opened an early gift from Chris, Stacey, Marcia and Mike. It was a Samsung digital camera! That link is the exact camera I now have!!!  Yaaay  Adobe Premiere here I come!.. I have already spliced a video together from last night, all editing is in line with how the night went.. except one little spot that didnt actually happen in sequence.. let me know if you cant find it :)

Grandpa Fred and Grandma Jody gave me a Household fix it book, it has everything you can imagine in it!


I will update everyone on Christmas when I splice some video from this morning. BIG SMILE.