Ducati Diavel 1 year Review

So I have had this Italian muscle machine for a little over a year now, and I am pleased to announce that I am still absolutely in love with it.

Why? Well I grew up riding dirt bikes which is hands down the most intimate you can get with a motorcycle in my opinion. On the road you are very limited in terms of ‘having fun’. The Bugati Veyron, touted as one of the fastest production cars in the world knows the same rush from 0-60 as this machine, yet the Diavel costs less than installing a new set of rubber on the Veyron. So……

1 year later the things I like most about my Ducati Diavel:

  • The twisting power at the rear wheel makes my heart flutter every ride.
  • With after market exhaust it has a DEEP rumble that says I am the big boy on the block (at least in sport bike gatherings)
  • The attention,  a guy rubber necking me totaled a car 10 feet from me. No lie.
  • It is respected in the sportbike community as having an almost comical acceleration factor
  • Comfort, no wrist issues like I get on sportbikes, but its no couch like a typical cruiser either.

1 year later things I don’t like about it:

  • POWER – I cannot contain myself, I only have 1 reckless ticket so far, good luck trying to contain yourself. (just as all superbike owners know)
  • Key Fob, it is nice not to have to fumble for your keys but it could use better range, I found it works better in my jacket pocket than in my pants.
  • I still wish it looked better at night, I purchased the accent leds but it will never sparkle at night like a chromed out cruiser does.
  • I spend about $500 every 3k miles for new rubber, so if you ride as much as I do (10k miles in a year) you need to add around $2300 to your annual motorcycle budget. ($approx $800 every 7500 for valve maintenance)

Again if you are either A: A motorcycle nut like myself or B: have some money and want the very best.. this is your choice HANDS DOWN.  It sounds DEEP and muscle like, and it rips faster than 99% of the cruisers on the market.

To each their own, some people love this bike, I mean absolutely LOVE this bike, and then some people are like ‘EWW that thing is ugly’. You will get a lot of attention, mostly from sport bike riders and non-American cruiser riders , Harley riders only respect Harley riders, I have a feeling even the V-Rod with same big ass 240 rear tire isn’t that commonly accepted even though its blood. Id say 1 percent of the Harley community has stopped to ask about my bike, and about 40% of sport bikers are goo goo over it.  This bike is race bred, its not a lead sled, it is a powerful lightweight land missile and should be respected as such.

Out of my 20 plus bikes I have owned this one keeps me smiling! I look back every time I get off it. It does not stop getting looks EVERY SINGLE PLACE I GO. Just like Ferrari owners, you will get a little jealousy, but its worth it baby! I get the ‘male nod’ every single time I ride whether its from a cage passing me or fellow rider. Be prepared to know how much it weighs and how much power it puts out at the rear fatty if you buy one, because I guarantee you will get a lot of questions. :) Big Grin

*Diavel Photo Credit belongs to none other than William – Yeah Somehow I made it look pro by using ‘light painting’