Jay Keown – brother in law wedding photos

Our 1st lamaze class was Saturday morning. It went great! (remember the baby is due Nov 8th)

We took a trip down to North Carolina ( Coralla, NC Outer Banks )

Mandy’s ( Jays wife as of today) parents rented 2 beach houses (pictures below are of the house Christy and I stayed in) It was beuatiful! I went in the hot tub, we went to the lighthouse down the street had ping pong tournaments with John, Christy’s uncle. All of the kids were at our beach house which was 6 miles from the beach house they rented for the wedding.

Christy’s grandma can be seen in photos of us at the Currituck Beach Lighthouse.

The wedding was beautiful! Everyone had a great time.

See a small snip of wedding video (sound is not great because of the wind


See wedding photos  below.

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See Steve’s photos of the wedding here >