Microsoft PDC 2009

We exhibited in November at Microsoft’s 2009 PDC event in Los Angeles. (Professional Developers Conference)

 VIDEO – is shaky but is a nice visual of what it was like on a slow day at Microsofts Professional Developers Conference in 2009. I did all the whistling myself, let me know if you want an autograph.

Memorable events…  Free laptops and iFlip videos from Microsoft (video here was taken with the iFlip)



Here is a looping sequence of flipping tiles or squares made with after effects that we displayed on our netbook pcs we were giving away at our booth.

Here is the CDYNE PDC 2009 crew.

Our PDC 2009 booth was extremely busy

Chris came up with this idea of flashing blinky glasses with our logo.. they were a big hit especially during drinking time PDC 2009 Exhibitor Booth PDC 2009 Exhibitor Booth


me playing with Microsoft Surface