Brammo Empulse 100% Electric Motorcycle

Brammo, the makers of the enertia electric motorcycle are releasing what I consider to be a ground breaking Electric Motorcycle and here is why I think so:

  • Most electric motorcycles these days leave a lot to the imagination as far as design is concerned
  • Knowing you can only reach 60 mph is dis-heartening
  • Knowing you can only go 19 miles before you have to turn back around is even worse

The Brammo Empulse looks a lot closer to a conventional streetfighter or modern sportbike then any electric motorcycle I have seen yet. Plus it can go approx 100 miles before needing a recharge. It can also go over 100mph if you so please. And last but not least, they are implementing a clutch and 6 speed transmission to maximize the high torque electric motor. All great reasons that would persuade me believe that this motorcycle will be referenced in the future as one of the firsts that could compete with today’s market. It does still cost a bit more then a regular motorcycle but I could see BMW or Ducati riders purchasing these as well as the triumph crowd. For as loud as this bike looks, it is whisper quiet.. so hopefully that is not a deal breaker for motorcycle enthusiasts who like it loud.

What this bike has that the ‘zero’ bike does not:

  • good looks
  • speeds over 60mph
  • longer range possibilities

Brammo vs Zero

Putt Putt Golf – Go Carts – Raquetball – Bungee Jumping

Cody after going bungee jumping. over a 200 foot drop. “easy”

So much has happened since my last post. Mainly because I put stuff on facebook regularly and it is secure.

But here is a quick update.

2008 cadila  cts interior
Cody happy to get out of the house.

Jungle Golf
Us at Shipwreck Golf

2008 black cadilac cts
my new Executive Car Cadillac CTS

No place hops like Sonic in Chesapeake
Us eating at Sonic

Raquet Ball One Life Fitness
me playing raquetball

Trying on hats at Kohls in Chesapeake Virginia
trying on some new hats at Kohls

I am an Uncle!!!

Victor James Chenoweth was born this morning before noon. 3/28/2010

He is exactly 7 lbs and mommy decided to have him all natural!

Isnt he a little stud? I thought I would get these up quick since Chris and Stacey are busy caring for their new family member.

CONGRATULATIONS Chris and Stacey!!!

Its a boy! Victor James Chenoweth

Chris and Stacey Tired
Got sleep?

Victor Chenoweth
Wow what a beautiful baby!

I already have my eyes open! (these photos were taken before he was cleaned up)

chris and victor
Chris and his new baby boy!

Congrats Chris and Stacey!

3d Camera Manipulation – Sure Target 2

Film producers spend a good deal of time and money making getting a fluent shot. Whether it is panning to a new scene or zooming in at the right time. After Effects has a limited 3d world but it is absolutely amazing what you can do with it in terms of placing your virtual video camera where you want it.

I found a free plug-in from video copilot called sure target (sure target plug-in download) that makes it even easier to control the view or your world while still using null objects. Especially since the view of the world you are creating is constantly changing. Also check out . Very neat site that allows you to create a word collage from a block of text or rss feed. The video below makes use of the sure target plug-in with a vectorized willslife wordle collage.

Microsoft PDC 2009

We exhibited in November at Microsoft’s 2009 PDC event in Los Angeles. (Professional Developers Conference)

 VIDEO – is shaky but is a nice visual of what it was like on a slow day at Microsofts Professional Developers Conference in 2009. I did all the whistling myself, let me know if you want an autograph.

Memorable events…  Free laptops and iFlip videos from Microsoft (video here was taken with the iFlip)



Here is a looping sequence of flipping tiles or squares made with after effects that we displayed on our netbook pcs we were giving away at our booth.

Here is the CDYNE PDC 2009 crew.

Our PDC 2009 booth was extremely busy

Chris came up with this idea of flashing blinky glasses with our logo.. they were a big hit especially during drinking time PDC 2009 Exhibitor Booth PDC 2009 Exhibitor Booth


me playing with Microsoft Surface

Basic After Effects Tutorial

I figured I have done enough ‘fun’ stuff and need to get adobe after effects basics down.

The particles that come with AE cs4 are pretty impressive. My biggest obstacle right now is how to move the camera around quickly and ‘ease’ily. I am doing better. I figured out that if you attach a camera to a null object it removes the complexity if you simply move the null object around.

Video Copilot Basic Training

This may look really simple but it took me 2 hours. :