Reverse Osmosis Tank Pressure

We installed a simple whirlpool reverse osmosis system to replace an inline water filter outside of our companies industrial size ice machine. This took about an hour to install. But we had a problem. NO WATER PRESSURE. We waited for 2 hours, still no water pressure, just a small drip. So we installed an inline water pump since our water pressure is already low on the third floor. Maybe the low water pressure did mnot allow the RO system to work properly.
Commercial RO System

STILL JUST DRIPPING! It took employees 5 minutes to fill up a glass of water.

SO we installed a larger pump, pressure tank and commercial quality Reverse Osmosis System. And Still no Water pressure.

So I finally stuck my finger over the output hose and low and behold, when I let go, there was water pressure. So to make a long story short, it ended up being the Ice Machine.

We just moved in this building and did not expect the 20,000 ice machine to have an issue. The solenoid that stops water flow in the top of the machine was faulty and never shut the water off, so the water kept draining out of the system.  We replaced the solenoid valve and we have unbelievable pressure now.

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