Samsung Galaxy Nexus Panoramic Sample

Just got this phone from Verizon today. It is a humongous upgrade from the Droid X (original).

First things I noticed is that it is much like my sons Google Nexus but faster. Quickness is its best feature if you ask me, it grunts out any task with its snappy dual-core 1.2GHz . Perhaps if I had another dual core phone before this one I would feel different, but this thing is a beast.

My second favorite feature is the smooth interface. Everything feels so fluent. Android 4 is well thought out. Annoying repetitive tasks have been ironed out in this release.

I took some photos of a co-workers Galaxy Nexus and some other phones with my Galaxy Nexus as seen above. The camera has a great deal to be desired in the quality department but it is astonishingly quick. Camera comes up in less than 3 seconds and it takes snaps in 1 second and is ready for another. It has a pretty cool panoramic feature as you can see below. I have shaky hands so I am guessing it had a hard time stitching with my panoramic 10 second swivel. This phone is FAST, if you are deciding on whether you should get it, you should, its speed is unbelievable!

Panoramic Nexus Galaxy