WhiteLight Teeth Whitening Review

Ok Ok I think everyone has let their guards down at one time or another and found themselves tantalized by an infommercial. That being said, I finally called after watching 20 minutes of this ‘revolutionary tooth whitening system’ using ‘light technology’

Boy do I feel like a real jack@ss with the light doomaflippy thingy hanging out of my mouth.

I speant arounf $50 for 2 boxes of this crap. And let me tell you.. it is crap. I will update this section if any results change.. but as far as I can see now, this system will do as good as about 4 crest whitening strips.

It looks cool like it will work, but it doesnt, so beware.

This before and after photo doesnt help my review because it actually looks like it works because of my superior light sensitive photo taking. I took these at 2 different times of the day so it actually looks like me teeth are whiter. But they are not. I’ll bet you cant take a picture with the same whiteness of your teeth 2 days later.. try it.. It isnt easy. I am guessing that in direct sunlight would be the most accurate results.  Wow this became long. 


Wedding photos coming soon!  Stay tuned.

  • JackTom77

    Don’t use this product, I paid more in shipping for total crap than I have ever paid in my life. Don’t let the commercial fool you, WhiteLight is a scam.

  • SamanthaFrayer

    Yeah, its a joke. Don’t waste your time. I am pretty sure at one point in time I tricked myself in believing it worked. I would agree that crest strips do more for you without making you look like a infomercial.

  • Guest

    I can’t tell if it really works or not by your article.

  • oki32

    I hope it works.

  • brownie677

    I just bought this off of ebay for $6 so if it doesn’t work, it’s not like I spent a whole tank of gas or anything.
    I’m hoping it works…

    • Artophana

      Is it working ? I just bought it. Lets see. anyhow i didnt spent too much money on it.

  • chantelle agius

    well I got it from eBay for under 5 $ so I feel sorry for all the people who spent so much I wonder if it works for me when ever it gets hear

  • Muchu

    Not sure if it works yet but I just brought some on the recommendation of my sister.
    She showed me her teeth after using it for a few weeks and they were noticeably quite white and bleached looking. She was convinced that it had worked and was showing me out of interest, so I brought some to try myself of ebay. Will update if I can in a few weeks and let you know if it actually does work at all.

  • Svitlana Klimov

    Over time, the natural aging process and lifestyle can stain our teeth. Clients whose teeth are discolored or stained due to the natural aging process, smoking, or from drinking beverages such as coffee, tea, colas, and red wine are generally excellent candidates for tooth whitening.

    With so much different whitening products available it hard to make a decision. In my opinion laser and light accelerated in-office treatments deliver best results, don’t be fooled by magic commercials. Please consult your dentist about the treatments available.

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  • teeth whitening manchester

    by the sounds of the blog and replies, whitelight seems light a bit of a scam. I got my teeth whitening in manchester, the whole process took around one and half hours and cost around £90, seems a decent investment compared to the whitelight idea!

  • Mark

    Any DIY product that promises instant results don’t work well, really. Even strips don’t work much unless you use them everyday for the rest of your life. If you want whiter teeth that lasts longer, I suggest you visit your local dentist. Here’s a number I got from a friend and I use it to find a local dentist wherever I am in the US: 877-639-0820. (I travel a lot for my business so I don’t have a permanent dentist anywhere).

  • http://eBay Donna

    It’s true the whitelight treatments do not work . Every body including me all think ‘it doesn’t matter it didn’t cost much”. But here’s the thing ‘ this is how people selling whitelight treatments ‘ do very well thank you very much’. By idiots like us who buy their crap ‘ thinking if it doesn’t work no worries it didn’t cost me much ” . If 20 people think that , that’s £200 odd (depending who you buy it from) for the “whitelight’ rip off merchants. This happens daily to us all ‘someone ripping you off . Unacceptable me thinks .

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    Baking soda is a wonderful teeth whitening agent. It is confirmed that
    baking soda-can whiten teeth. However there was precaution in using baking soda, since it could damage our teeth
    enamel. baking soda shoiuld only be utilized once every two weeks and
    ought not to be applied when there is permanent retainer of braces.

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  • Jerry G

    I have been using Whitelight (paid US$1.70 with free shipping from China) for some time now and my teeth are noticeably WHITER but I didn’t see any results until the THIRD week! Do you really expect this to work overnight? The product DOES WORK – all you need is patience… not exactly a common man’s asset. Give the thing a chance, and be PATIENT.